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Yanks Weekend & Big Bucks Gamblers Race 28th/30th May 2011

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Well the trip down to Shakespeare county raceway was very uneventful, the first

team making the trip in just over 3 hrs dragging the caravan and a boot full of

tents sleeping bags and several cases of beer, once on site we quickly took

procession of our appointed pit space, and took on the task of erecting the team

gazebo much to the amusement of several other teams, who were watching our poor

attempts in the extreme windy conditions we faced , after a short intervention

from a few onlookers on how we should go about the task, we quickly made some

progress and felt all was good , Of Course once Neil and the rest of the team

arrived with the truck, which was sporting it’s newly installed guppy space pod

on top he was able to take charge and point out our mistakes with his usual

graceful comments.

Pretty soon we had all pulled together to complete, the task of setting up the

pit and despite the extremely windy conditions, which lasted for the entire

weekend we were all settled, and chilled out by about 8pm, while stood under the

gazebo avoiding the heavy rain, which by now had come to join in with the windy

conditions, much laughter was to be heard from our pits, as the various visitors

came across to chat and listen to our various stories about our trips and

tribulations of getting there, during this time we were visited by many members

of the supercharged outlaws who made us all very welcome,

Saturday morning we were all up early and cracking on with getting the car ready

for it’s first run, unfortunately a fuel leak, was spotted during pre run prep

and this would rule Neil out of the first round, despite this our hearts were

not dampened and we took the opportunity, to watch the remaining supercharged

outlaws make their first round runs , after which the team pulled out all the

stops and pretty soon had the northern spirit 32 ready in good time for round 2,

Round 2 saw Neil complete a short but intense burnout in the checker board lane

and run a time of 7.58 @ 196.67 mph which would turn out to be a record for the

highest MPH for a supercharged outlaws, however once back

to pits we were all dismayed, to discover that the Lenco casing had broken during

the run and this would rule Neil out of any further action this weekend,

After a quick cup of tea, from the Tea Maestro Tracy .

Neil pulled out the Lenco while Ray, Steve and Rachel did a leak down and value check, Neil was busy

doing some diagnosis on the box and formulating his plans for the repair which

would be needed before the next event at Shakey , once all work was finished we

dusted our self down and set about enjoying the rest of the weekend watching the

races , walking the pits and just soaking up the atmosphere.

Despite breaking the car we all had a brilliant weekend.

Welcome to Site

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Hi and a warm welcome to all from the NorthernSpiritRacing Team

Over the winter

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Over the winter Neil decided that the rail really needed a new paint job

So he and the team have been very busy disassembling the car to remove all it’s components in readiness for the new paint, this is still ongoing and we will update the site with regular progress reports and pictures



Neil gains a new personal best

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Last year Neil and the team made some modifications and installed some much needed updates to the Keith Black Hemi and had some great results during the year which saw Neil gain a new personal best 7.5 @ 190.00 mph at Avon Park :D


2011 Season we're gonna be busy

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After a long rest away from the garage it's now time for all the team to get back together for the preperation for the forth coming years racing season



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